Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a dynamic process which is linked to personal and organizational objectives. The
depth and breadth of the process creates transformational change that increases leadership effectiveness and business results. It is a confidential experience that focuses on development.

Our Point of View

For executive coaching to be effective, there are three key elements

  1. Executive Highly Motivated To Change
  2. Strong Commitment From Top Management
  3. Good Chemistry With The coach

Our process

Our five-phase Executive Coaching process creates alignment, development, and growth while maximizing leadership and business results.

Our results

With our expertise in a variety of industries and functional roles, the five-phase process, individuals and organization have received a measurable ROI from the Executive Coaching.  Some typical engagements are listed below:

  • High Potential Coaching: An up-and-coming leader, who has the potential to accelerate personal and team results through the development of new leadership competencies
  • Assimilation Coaching: Recently promoted top performer faced with new challenges, opportunities, and expectations.
  • Developmental Coaching: Top performer who has significant strengths and is achieving results.  Outcome is to identify blind spot(s) that interfere with even higher levels of achievement.
  • Change Alignment Coaching: Organizational adjustments have resulted in new leadership requirements. The outcome is to identify the new leadership requirements of the role, develop an action plan, and gap closing strategies. This alignment and actions plan will provide leadership and business results during the change period and beyond.

Most important qualifications to look for in a coach:

  • Experience coaching in similar situations
  • Clear methodology
  • Quality of client list
  • Ability to measure ROI
  • Credentials

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