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Now What Did I Do With That?


Successful leaders like yourself know that ongoing growth is a necessity for remaining relevant and competitive. 

To keep your edge, you’ve probably been through leadership training programs. You’ve done personality tests. You’ve gotten 360 feedback.  And, like leaders across all sectors, you and more of your peers may be working with coaches.

All this work yields a lot of data – through interviews, online self-assessments, 360 surveys and direct feedback.  

My question is, where is that treasure trove of information right now? How is it working for you?

When I ask, I usually hear things like “It’s all here . . . somewhere”. And that’s where Balance Point Group: The Book of Me comes in. 

Whether you’re like the leaders I’ve described, or are looking to embark on a coaching journey, The Book of Me is for and about you.  We’ve designed a personalized set of resources that help you gather and make sense of all this information and use it to take purposeful action toward your leadership growth goals. 

With a foundation in Balance Point Group’s five-phase coaching framework, The Book of Me is your close companion throughout and beyond your coaching program.

The first phase of our framework is “Desired Results” – desire is fuel for action. 

I’ll leave you with three of the questions from The Book of Me, Chapter One to answer and hope that doing so will help find clarity about what you desire:

  • How do I define success?
  • What do I want to achieve through coaching?
  • What benefits will others gain as a result of my going through this process?

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