Our Ethical Agreement

We will only use coaching relationships to further the intentions expressed in the coaching program.

We will facilitate my clients in making choices that support their well-being and intentions and will not influence them
in any way to take actions that are contrary to their values, standards, or personal boundaries.

We will not at anytime use any information gained through the coaching relationship for my own benefit or communicate this information to a third party.

We will maintain strict confidentiality in my coaching relationships and will only share the content of these relationships when requesting help, input or coaching from qualified people (coaching peer network) who agree to keep the information confidential.

We will not voluntarily divulge that the Coach and the Client are in a coaching relationship without the expressed permission of the client.

We will actively seek to improve my competency as a coach.

We will responsibly complete and disengage myself from any coaching relationship that I am not competent to serve my client, there is a clear conflict of interest, or I am not upholding this code of conduct.