Strategic Planning

Our Point of View

The business environment is constantly changing. Strategic Planning must take into consideration multiple scenarios to achieve organizational success.

Our process

We deliver specialized support to executives and leaders to assess, develop and execute business strategies through effective leadership actions. It is at the intersection of strategy and leadership that we link individual behaviors with business results.

Our results

We work together with our clients to create a map of strategic themes, desired results and the actionable objectives that can be focused and measured to achieve sustainable business results.

Strategic Planning Components

Mission What do we do?
What is our purpose?
Vision What is our picture of the future?
Purpose How does this team contribute?
Key Focus Areas What results do we want to satisfy our customers’ needs?
Strategic Themes & Perspectives What are our main focus areas?
What performance lenses should we use to evaluate results?
Objectives What continuous improvement activities are needed to get the results?
Strategy Map How do we create and improve value for customers?
Performance Measurements & Targets How will we know if we are achieving the results we want?
Strategic Initiatives Specifically, what projects and programs will raise desired levels of performance?