Succession Planning

Our Point of View

As today’s organizations do more with less, succession planning has become a key business imperative to enable and sustain growth.

Our expertise in assessment approaches, program management, process facilitation and coaching and development offer our clients an end-to-end solution to the complexities of succession planning initiatives.

We believe that the keys to effective succession management are:

  • CEO ownership
  • Focus on investing time on candidate identification and development more so than on replacement planning exercises
  • Rigorous, candid dialogue among key stakeholders
  • Succession candidate input
  • Starting small and building upon success

Our process

In collaboration with our clients, BPG consultants:

  • Assess the organization’s readiness to make succession planning and development a
    core business management function
  • Develop assessment factors including core business and leadership competencies
  • Identify and assess successor/high potential population
  • Create key position replacement and individual development plans
  • Implement and regularly measure plans to develop and place successors

Our results

Boards of Directors and CEOs have been able to make informed selection and development decisions based on BPG’s rigorous assessment and development approaches

Succession Planning Balance Points

Successful Organizations Are… While…
Investing in upcoming leaders Managing limited resources
Providing stretch assignments for high potentials Putting the "best players" in key jobs
Retaining top talent Downsizing and flattening
Ensuring that HR creates effective processes Ensuring line leadership ownership
Infusing "new thinking" from the outside Promoting from within
Managing complex issues & challenges Simplifying for success
Holding to long-term commitments Adapting to changing needs

Succession Planning Process Model

The most important function of a succession planning process is to identify and provide developmental enrichment for a select group of high potential leaders. This will help ensure that despite ongoing internal changes, the organization will have a ready supply of talent to meet its business challenges. Each client organization needs to create a sustainable process that meets their business needs as well as aligns with the leadership culture.

Assess Org Readiness Develop Assessment Factors Identify & Assess Successor Pool Create Succession & Development Plans Implement & Measure Plans
Clearly defined project outcomes, steps, roles and deliverables Success profiles for key positions Preliminary identification of successor/high potential candidates Creation and validation of candidate selection and development needs Focused development at individual and group levels and ongoing tracking of success