Balance Points from the Team

Using Setbacks to Move Forward


Resilience is definitely on our minds these days – we have all had to muster up a big helping of it as we navigate 2020. In addition to guiding us through our current daily challenges, resilience is the foundation to stepping outside our comfort zone and focusing our attention on the urgent issues that are key to pursuing our hopes and dreams. 

In the last bloglett we acknowledged that deciding to pursue a dream requires a certain degree of bravery. Of course, making that decision is just the beginning. In the process of working toward a dream, there is usually a point along the way where you meet an obstacle and lose steam.

How do you keep showing up in those times and what gets you back on track? You can share your comments below or send them to me via private message. 

I wish you and yours a safe, wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you right back here on November 28th when the next bloglett launches!

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